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PO1 William "Chip" Nagel two down... 15 to go... in Ga...
..."Under the plea deal, Powell will serve six years of probation, pay a $6,000 fine, pay restitution of $2,700 to the state that covers the cost of replacing election equipment, write an apology letter and testify truthfully in future hearings and trials, as well as provide "any requested documents or evidence subject to any lawful privileges asserted in good faith prior to entering this plea."

Powell and her attorneys previously denied wrongdoing, arguing that Coffee County officials — some of whom are also co-defendants in the case — invited the scrutiny of voting machines, servers and other sensitive election equipment.

Last month, Atlanta-area bail bondsman Scott Hall was the first to take a plea deal in the case, stemming from his role in the Coffee County breach.

Lawyer Cheseboro authored memos detailing how Republicans could send false slates of electors to Congress. Cheseboro is now set to go to trial alone.

A trial date has not been set for Trump and the remaining co-defendants."
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