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SGT Unit Supply Specialist
PO1 William "Chip" Nagel
..."He packed his bags once more and resumed his travels. Along the way, Robie met another Veteran displaced by the fire. Their discussions revealed a fundamental difference in their experiences post-fire: Robie’s friend already was living in stable and affordable housing, secured with the help of VA.

From hope to housing

His new friend’s success was the catalyst Robie needed to inquire about the resources VA could offer him. The VA Palo Alto Health Care System stepped in to help Robie find a new home in the San Lorenzo Valley, only a few hours from where he grew up. The HUD-VASH team also connected him with a nonprofit in his town that offered to pay his move-in costs.

“They helped quite a bit,” Robie said. “They helped me deal with older bills, fixing my truck and having somewhere safe to live and be.”

When he was introduced to his HUD-VASH case manager, Emy Fehmi, Robie was grateful to have someone who could support his transition and any arising needs. However, neither could anticipate just how powerful Fehmi’s help would be in improving Robie’s circumstances.

For many, experiencing a power outage may happen once in a blue moon, during a bad storm, extreme wind, or formidable winter weather. But in San Lorenzo, frequent outages are the norm.

In less than two months, Robie lost power 17 times. Sometimes it would go off for one hour, while in other instances, Robie was without power for days at a time."...
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