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SGT Unit Supply Specialist
PO1 William "Chip" Nagel
..."One day after the farm tour, on Aug. 14, For the Culture is throwing its fourth annual Culture Kickback Fest, which Ashe promises will be “bigger and better” than ever. Located at Loretta Hall Park, the bash will feature food, fun and live musical entertainment. The party also reflects some of the deeper needs of the community: Along with roller skating and live DJs, it will feature a therapy panel and yoga class.

This summer’s various events represent Ashe’s vision for what supporting Black businesses, and the Black community in general, can look like.

“I really try to make happiness a center key point in everything we do,” she said. “When we talk about Black communities that have been overlooked so much, some of the things that I've heard is that there just hasn't been a space for us before. ... I think it's super important that we stand up and affirm that we have to help heal each other, just as much as anybody else.”
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