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PO1 William "Chip" Nagel
..."The vote came back 6-1 in favor of the union. Seven other ballots remain challenged, but union organizers say those ballots include three pro-union workers who allege wrongful firing. There is currently no timeline for when those ballots might be verified.

Hannah Edwards, a supervisor at the Overland Park location, said the contested votes should not affect the outcome.

“We're not sure how long the lawyers will take to hash out those seven other ballots but we are confident that those are not all “no's,” Edwards said.

Staff have been on strike since Wednesday alleging that management has intensified their union-busting efforts.

Efforts to unionize the Starbucks location have been ongoing since January. Last month, baristas organized a walkout effectively closing the cafe for a day, and following the termination of three employees at the location.

Starbucks delayed a guaranteed union win today in Overland Park, KS by challenging all the union leaders’ votes. Guess they aren’t ready to admit defeat, but we’re ready to declare victory! #AnotherOne pic.twitter.com/C5lWb83gc8

— Workers United - CMRJB (@CMRJB) April 8, 2022
Emma Baldrige, a barista at the Overland Park store said they are relieved by the outcome."...
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