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SGT Unit Supply Specialist
PO1 William "Chip" Nagel
..."The lawsuit on behalf of 13 patients and two doctors was filed earlier this year.

The injunction had also applied to pregnancies with fatal fetal anomalies, which are not explicitly mentioned in Texas's abortion bans. Samantha Casiano testified about her experience carrying a fetus with anencephaly — the brain and skull do not fully develop — to term. She gave birth to a daughter who lived four hours, and she described watching her daughter gasp for breath during tha short life and death.

Mangrum's ruling specified that any pregnancy with "a fetal condition where the fetus is unlikely to survive the pregnancy and sustain life after birth" is also entitled to abortion care in Texas.

An attorney leading the case challenging the state abortion law called the attorney general's decision to appeal a ruling aimed at saving lives "appalling."

"It's never been clearer that the term 'pro-life' is a complete misnomer," said Molly Duane, an attorney with the Center for Reproductive Rights. "What our plaintiffs went through was pure torture, and the state is hell bent on making sure that kind of suffering continues.""
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