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SGT Unit Supply Specialist
PO1 William "Chip" Nagel
..."He basically sets himself apart from the rest of the pack,” Browne said. “In the Kansas City community, Chris is a role model. A good positive representative for the youth to copy. In fact, he inspired me to start my company and I will be forever grateful for that.”

Outside of Stewart’s business, he’s had an impact by mentoring Black youth.

He coached and sponsored youth sports for the South Suburban Junior Athletic Association from 2008-2015 and his daughter Aniyah’s YMCA basketball team from 2015-2019.

One of his former players, Jerome Jackson — Stewart affectionately dubbed him “JJ” — earned a basketball scholarship to Central Community College in Grand Island, Nebraska.

“He coached me in football and basketball from sixth through eighth grade,” Jackson said. “I never really had a father figure and Chris was that. Whenever I needed to ride to practice or anything, he was there. He even gave me my first job. He is a positive influence on my life that showed me hard work and has been a mentor.”

Stewart said leaving an improved legacy for his family to build upon like his forefathers did, and continue to do, is of utmost importance to him.

“I want to be a good leader and be a positive example for both my daughter and my family. Instilling good traits will help them make good choices,” he said. “I want to leave her something and being a business owner is how I show her that.”

In that way, Stewart said, he celebrates Juneteenth by recognizing the progress of Kansas City's Black culture and building the economic foundation for that community to keep growing."
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