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Q&A Rules
Any member who does not follow these guidelines will have their post removed by RallyPoint. A pattern of misconduct may lead to removal from the community. 

1. Be Respectful! 

2. Only respond with a question. Responses which are not questions will be removed. 
"No question. I just want to say thanks for your service!"

3. No self promotion. Please do not link to your organization or published work.
"Check out this podcast/blog/book/GoFundMe/non-profit." 

4. Do not ask for personal favors.
"I was released in 1988 and need help upgrading my discharge code. Can you help?" 

5. Do not disguise a comment or personal opinion as a question.
"How does it feel knowing that your ruined everyone's lives?"  
Tips for getting your question answered


1. Make your question obvious to the guest. 

2. Get to the point. Keep your question succinct and avoid telling a long, background story.

3. If you have a duplicate or similar question, boost the existing one by up voting it. Avoid asking a question that has already been asked. 

Most recent contributors: SSG Carlos Madden

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