Posted on Jan 2, 2015
SGT Benjamin Dutill
I have decided to join the AGR when this contract is up and I am looking for a list of MOSs that I am qualified for according to my ASVAB scores. Everywhere I look, the list seems to be out-dated and no use to me. has a list but it's not up to date, it lists the former Engineer series 21, not 12 - so I know for sure that it's not current.

If anyone has any insight where I can go, I would greatly appreciate it. I have asked the NG Recruiter and he couldn't tell me much either. So I am hoping that someone in an NCO Retention slot can give a hand. I know there's at least a dozen other MOSs that I am qualified for, I just have to find an updated and current website or list.
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SSG Human Resources Specialist
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SGT Benjamin Dutill, let's clarify something, I understand what you're saying, however you don't just "join" the AGR. Its a program you have to apply for and be accepted to once you are member of National Guard or Army Reserve. The National Guard has Title32/Title10 AGR Tours and the Reserve are all Title10 tours. NG AGR Tours are state specific, Reserve AGR opportunities only home from HRC.

HRC has some specifics when it comes to AGR, which you can read about here:

Here it talks about the eligibility, application and selection process

AGR opportunites in the NG are altogether different as they apply to the state you plan to enlist in. AGR and FTNG opportunities are paid based on current military Grade. Full-time National Guard positions (FTNG) are based on the state's end strength. One of the the things you need to consider in speaking with a Recruiter where you want to go before your ETS is up. In the NG this is called an In Service Recruitment(ISR), you're basically going from one service to another, Reserve probably calls it the same. Now, if you spoke to a NG Recruiter and he/she couldn't tell you what MOS, I would say they aren't doing their job. However consider this, in a time when recruitment numbers are low and entrance standards are getting tougher and if you're not getting out for awhile, why would they waste their time talking to you? It's sounds a bit much but think about, if you're not within 6 months of your ETS, they're not going to waste time on you, it's a numbers game. Not saying this is true of all Recruiters, just giving you a perspective having worked in a recruiting command.

HINT HINT***Let me give you a hint, in the NG, you want to get hold of an ISR NCO, the ISR Recruiter is responsible and coordinates with your command to get you transitioned to the NG as seamless as possible.(Doesn't always work that way, but you get the idea) You've got some legwork too as well. But every NG Recruiting Command has an ISR POC, that's who you want to talk to, not the Recruiter on the street.****

Back to applying for an NG AGR position, there are two ways:
1. Do an ISR enlistment into the NG (State of your choice), once assigned to your unit, begin looking for AGR opportunities

2. Before leaving AD, look for AGR opportunities, while coordinating between your RRNCO. Some state have announced some of their AGR positions as "nationwide" announcement because no one in their state is applying or there have been applications but the applicant is not qualified for the position.

You're in Kansas for example, the link here is for the Kansas National Guard HRO website:




As you see, there are many opportunities available however in some cases there is a hiring freeze. When you look on the websites you, there is a wealth of information on the AGR processes. AR 135-18 is the regulation that covers the AGR program for the Reserves and NG.

Couple of things to note:
OMPF and ERB is up to date and squared away
DA 705's (last 3 test recorded, APFT within the last six (6) months from date of application)
DD 5500's (if applicable)
NCOERS - last 3 to 5 evals
Current physical
**You ISR coordinator will tell you what you exactly need***

Be prepared for provide any recommendation letters from your chain (if required). HQDA release an ALARACT 188-2014 about the HQDA EXORD 193-2014 Screening of Sexual Harassment/ Assault Response and Prevention Program Personnel and Others in Identified Positions of Significant Trust. Trust me your background will be looked at if hasn't already but be prepared. You can read all about the EXORDS here:

One of the secrets, having worked in HR, when reviewing AGR apps, is attention to detail. Make sure all your paperwork is in sequence as stated in the application process. Remember no two states are the same. I can't not tell you how many apps get passed by because of attention to detail.

Best of luck to you SGT (P) Dutill, AGR is a wonderful opportunity and it has its challenges.

Also a few links that may interest you are:
( at the bottom there are other opportunities)
CPT Surgical Physician Assistant Fellow
Or look up on google MOS smartbook. It's a PDF so searchable that way.

Hope this helps.

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