Posted on Jun 8, 2016
SSG Platoon Sergeant
I'm not sure who to go to or ask about this but I was curious if anyone had any experience going from Active Duty Army to Active Guard. I was curious what you might lose and gain in the process. I'll have a little over 9 years in Active Duty after this contract and have been contemplating going Active Gurd after this contract.
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SPC Rifleman
I'm currently Active duty and my ETS is around 6-7 months, I was planning on re-enlisting for FT Bragg but my request got shot down by the Army.

So I've been exploring other options and came across the National Guard and was given an option to reclass into the 15 series with an open training slot, which I am interested in Because it would set me up with training for a civilian job in aviation.

Now the only thing that's holding me back from signing is the fact that I lose all my benefits and could be stuck without a job after training which is a no-go with three kids.

Does the Guard offer help or do they work with civilian employers to help secure a job after training?

Do they offer any kind of housing allowance if I'm going to School?

How do I switch from the Montgomery GI Bill to the Post 9/11?

Does the Guard offer help and guidance with the transition process or am I on my own in the civilian sector and have to find a job immediately?

I am going to talk to the RCCC in the next couple of weeks but just trying to get info if anyone has been through this situation. Any help is greatly appreciated.
Thank you
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SSG Robert Smith
First, from my experience when I tried to apply for an AGR position in the Alaska National Guard is that you have to be off of Active duty first. Then it is like applying for a job. But as and AGR you have the same benefits as active duty with the state national guard. From what I heard unlike active duty you can quit or fired. Hope this helps.

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