Posted on Jul 13, 2015
SFC Daniel Faires
So I am dead in the middle of my MEB/PEB and have noticed that since I am 3 hrs away from JBLM. I have done all of my appts via the phone minus the actual doctor appts with QTC
Now here is the question:
I had received my NARSUM and reveiwed it with the attorney and my peblo and everything seemed normal I ever spoke with my VA SVC officer and all was well now comes the fun part
I had been told to get a sleep study lo and behold I was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea; the VA at first was very concerned it wasn't on the form to document all the claims ( because I had never had a sleep study or diagnosis before ) now that I have the machine they say they are going to add it to my claim ( hopefully by the end of the process) is it normal for them to be so hesitant to add stuff before the case even goes to the rating stage ?

Now here is the fun part after my case was revewied and looked at my the IMR and the attorney my packet with everything was sent to the PEB and as soon as that happened BAM three more appts for my referred condition. Everyone has told me that this is not very common but it does happen.
The estimated reticent date was December not it states unknown

Does any of this make sense to anyone or is there anything that I need to clarify?
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