Posted on Nov 26, 2022
PFC Signals Intelligence Analyst
I am currently at Goodfellow AFB for 35N AIT and graduate in March. How much time am I gonna have to move there? How would bringing my spouse work? Off or on base housing?
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COL Information Operations Officer
Edited 2 mo ago
Your spouse will either accompany you while traveling or come separately. DoD allows for either case when you're PCSing. All this will be explained during your transportation appointment.

Your first thing is to get your orders. In order for your spose/family to go to Hawaii with you, you'll need to make sure they get Command Sponsorship. Follow the ACS guide for travel to Hawaii.*

When you do that, get your transportation appointment. Alternatively you might be directed to use the DPS website* for scheduling your move (most initial entry folks are hand-held though their first move though)

You'll likely have a limited household move allowance because you're going to Hawaii. Transportation will give you all the limits.

You'll be provided with air travel - this might be commercial or military ... again, transportation appointment.

You might want to become familiar with the overview and resources at Military OneSource on Moving and PCSing*
* Goodfellow AFB Transportation -
* ACS Guide to travel to Hawaii -
* Defense Personal Property System -
* Military OneSource - Moving & PCS -
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