Posted on Jan 10, 2018
SGT Unit Supply Specialist
I had been keeping an eye out for a Drill Sergeant slot at Ft Benning. Suddenly the website has not been working on the several computers I have tried to use.
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SSG Senior Software Engineer
I thought I was the only one having issues with it! Glad to hear it's not just me.
SSG Intelligence Analyst
Edited 6 y ago
Yeah I been having issues since Nov 2017! Boy they are doing everything in their power to prevent a M-Day solider to find tours! I get sick of my unit command asking who wants to go on tours and I put my name in for the past 2 years on the last 8 times they asked and I hear nothing, command has no other info, just asking who wants to go on tour! I get sick of hearing they need 35F's really bad, but never give out the info! MOBCOP was the only access for an M-Day soldier to find a tour and I have more than 1 MOS! Not all soldiers are issued GOV computers, and certainly most do not live close by their unit to try and access it! Heck I have driven 40 miles to my Army Reserve Unit to try and get on MOBCOP a few weeks ago. Guess what? On the Gov computer I still could not access it! Why even have it at all if soldiers can't volunteer for tours? Just my opinion!
SGT Criminal Intelligence Nco
It’s been down for me the last two days. I was able to get in last night, though.
SGT Criminal Intelligence Nco
SGT (Join to see)
6 y
I'm able to get in now. I'm on a government system, though.
SPC Automated Logistical Specialist
SPC (Join to see)
6 y
unfortunately, i dont have access to a gov computer now.
SSG(P) Medical Supply Technician
SSG(P) (Join to see)
6 y
This sucks because reservist do not work with government computers. How are we suppose to search for TOD if we can not search at home with a CAC Card reader attached to our computer? This forces soldiers to go find a place that will allow them to use their CAC Card. Not everyone lives near their units. I thought it was something wrong with my laptop but I see now why. Do they plan to bring it back for access? Does anyone know?
CPT Intelligence Analyst
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6 y
This is annoying. I am literally hours away from an active duty installation. >:( Booooo

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