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Kids4Horses d/b/a Sponsor A Vet Life

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Why a Kids4Horses d/b/a Sponsor A Vet Life?

Check out our latest video:
Virtual World environments help SAVE LIVES! We proved this when we helped prevent six suicide attempts from our former virtual onshore outsourcing business; which employed over 500 severely injured veterans and special needs individuals.
Our mandate is to help Active Duty, Transitioning, Veterans, and Military Families fight the effects of PTSD and live productive and satisfying lives.
What Makes Our Solutions Work? – COMMUNITY
Human interaction is the goal of these worlds. Our virtual worlds provide so much more than just training. Anything you can imagine – we can build!

If you are interested and would like learn more about SAVL
Please send me an email to:        

By entering an immersive collaboration environment, a member’s avatar is the graphical representation of the user or the user’s “alter ego” or character. One can even customize their avatar using their real face. Avatars are three-dimensional graphical representations, allowing interaction with multiple users. Always wanted to feel what it’s like to be slender? Want to be tall for once in your life? Be that ideal self-image.
Virtual Immersion allows one to feel the feelings of your 3D persona avatar's actions.... as if you were there.

Veteran Fighting PTSD Testimonial by Travis D.
“On the second of April I was introduced to a group of Senior Business Management Consultants that ARE helping vets and families that suffer from PTSD. It was a little strange at first to open up to complete strangers but what this past month has taught me is that you have to put it all out on the table. The more I share with people my story the better I feel. I also believe my story inspires to help more.
The possibilities are endless in this application. As I began to understand it made me very hopeful in that my healing will empower more soldiers and vets to get the help they deserve and need. It began to help me understand myself and why I was placed on this earth to do. I want to share my whole experience with the world so that others will learn to achieve the same results.
This weekend has been really rough on me as it is Easter weekend. I am separated from my kids and my friends. I am sitting around in a hotel room waiting to get into a program at the VA. I spent most of the day crying and reliving my past. The group of people at Sponsor A Vet that are part of this AWESOME idea have become a family to me. They listen and support me and always give words of encouragement through my dark times. I will be able to go into their virtual world and talk with other vets and help each other.
I am very excited to be part this. My life is beginning to change for the best. Sometimes God makes you live in the dark so that when you come out to the light you can better appreciate it and understand that he has a plan and will never will leave you.
I recently had a chance to take a look at the virtual word for the vets, families and soldiers. As soon as I got into it I was awe struck at how it all works. My mind was going 100 mph with ideas and questions.
The possibilities for this can go as far as my imagination can take it. I was so stoked and happy to see this, it put a smile on my face; which I haven't had for the last month.
The idea for this program is something that has been missing for the treatment of PTSD. I was so happy to know that current Soldiers will have the chance to get help now without the fear of hurting their careers."

"Soldiers will be able to stay completely anonymous and will be able to get the treatment that they need and deserve. Transitioning Soldiers will have the opportunity to get a whole lot better assistance than what is currently offered. Soldiers will have a real chance to get careers after their service. I cannot put into words how honored I am to be a part of this.”  
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How the organization supports veterans

Sponsor A Vet Life (SAVL), is on a Mission to roll out a proven solution for many of the challenges Active Duty, Disabled Veterans, Veterans and their families experience. 

Sponsor A Vet Life Mission is to provide full collaboration Communities utilizing virtual reality tools to help stop the 22 Veteran PTSD suicides per day. All communications occur in a 3D interactive, immersive virtual environment. We've successfully used these tools in the past to save lives and will continue to save more veterans with your help. 

SAVL collaborates with seasoned professionals in various fields that fill the void in today's veteran services. We have over 100 Senior Business Management Consultants, all with over 20 years experience that have joined our team as mentors to help guide transitioning veterans through opportunities and solutions. There is no fee for the veteran to receive services. Sponsorship monthly license fees are paid by corporations with veteran hiring initiatives, individuals, and donations from our equine/canine nonprofit therapy training groups. 

SAVL has urgent concerns regarding if previously diagnosed disabled veterans know they have PTSD and are aware how this condition can negatively impact their lives. We have even greater concerns identifying how many physically disabled veterans are included in the 22 veteran PTSD suicides per day. 

SAVL feels strongly that if our 3D Immersive program is offered to disabled veterans who are not aware they have PTSD, (which we feel strongly most will as trauma is associated with disability), were given the opportunity to receive the treatment AND receive remote job training, Community 24/7 support and feel like they are living a "normal" social life in an immersive, interactive environment, we feel confident not only their quality of life would improve, but it would have a direct impact on decreasing veteran suicides. 

Our main focus is to provide proven job training in a supportive virtual world Community by our Senior Business Management Consultants team, each possessing decades of experience in every industry imaginable. The training is accomplished remotely in the veteran's own comfortable home environment and will provide the confidence and business skills to work remotely for a Corporate Sponsor or we will train the veteran how to start their own business online. We also provide project work for veterans with PTSD to earn additional income while training if the veteran possess basic project skills requirements. For those that do not have the basic skills, we train. We have over 5 years successful experience with a similar process. 

Severely injured veterans are able to navigate in our virtual platform with assistive technology. Completely paralyzed veterans are able to receive training for employment positions, eTherapy, mentoring, Community support 24/7 and Socializing, which for many is the first form of "normal" interactive socializing experienced in groups. 

Severely injured veterans feel the feelings of walking, running, dancing, driving a car, mountain climbing, swimming, playing sports, social activities and can enjoy all the advantages with former brother and sisters in arms, family and friends. Brothers and Sisters in Arms stay connected. 

SAVL collaborates with veteran nonprofits to help increase donations by cloning services to be accessed virtually, in-world. 

Let us work together to help many disabled veterans that are almost totally isolated and have a very limited life. 

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How to get involved or get help

If you are interested and would like to attend a demonstration, we are conducting them for veterans, active duty members, and volunteers on Thursday nights at 6:00 PM EST.
Please email Colonel Mikel Burroughs at:    

Virtual World Solutions d/b/a Sponsor a Vet Life is growing and needs to fill a number of volunteer Positions?

Veterans, Spouses, and Caregivers are you looking to help veterans, active duty service members, and their families that suffer from PTSD, TBI, MST, and that are severely disabled? Here are some great opportunities for volunteer work that could lead to full-time subcontracting work positions.

If you are interested, please send your resume and cover letter to:      

Job Descriptions Required:

Administrative Manager and Assistant Manager 
• Knowledge or previous experience in Virtual Reality. Not required, but highly sought after.
• Communication, compassion and comprehension of Veterans
• Designing and expanding training programs based on the needs of the organization
• Working in a team to produce programs that are satisfactory to all relevant parties in an organization, such as line managers, accountants and senior managers
• Developing effective on-boarding programs
• Producing training materials for in-house manuals
• Basic administration tasks
• Managing the delivery of training and development programs and, in a more senior role, devising a training strategy for the organization

Main Focus:

1. Veteran Onboarding
2. Volunteer Onboarding
3. Admin tasks
4. Training department

Finance Manager and Finance Assistant
• Knowledge about accounting principles and finance
• Knowledge of bookkeeping, finance and basic accounting practice
• Basic to higher level posting duties in QuickBooks Online
• Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable data entry, account reconciliations, vendor management
• Flash Reports, performing basic bookkeeping duties
• Responsible for reconciliations in addition to administrative tasks or running reports

Main Focus:

1. Financial Statements
2. Accounts Receivable
- Membership Control
3. Accounts Payable
- Vendor Management
4. Cash Flow
5. Budgets

IT Manager and Assistant Manager
• Knowledge or previous experience in Virtual Reality. Not required for 1 position, but necessary for the management position.
• Creation, design and maintenance of Virtual World Regions
• Ability to run and maintain remote desktop monitoring software
• Ability to run and maintain a Support Desk for basic IT and/or all aspects of Virtual Reality
• Knowledge of website creation, upkeep and maintenance
• Install, operate, and maintain computer networks and communication systems
• Ability to troubleshoot common hardware/software issues
• Ability to meet deadlines and adjust to changing priorities
• Ability to follow instructions and work autonomously,
• Ability to quickly gain new skills and knowledge when faced with new challenges
• Attention to detail
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills

• Minimum of 5 years working in virtual world environments preferred for management position, scripting, content building, mesh, region terraforming, region set-ups, parcels, augmented reality, eCommerce, keeping current with new technology including VR headgear. Ability to manage over 100,000 avatars with continuous growth and management of associated team.

Main Focus:

1. VWS_SAVL Internal IT
2. Virtual World builds
3. VWS Client virtual world builds
4. Skype communications
5. Remote desktop monitoring software
6. IT Support Desk
- SAVL Internal Support
- VWS Client Support
7. Website - VWS, SAVL, Kids4Change

Marketing Manager and 3 Assistants
• Knowledge or previous experience in Virtual Reality. Not required, but highly sought after.
• Updates competitor database by inputting data from field sales; compiling, consolidating, formatting, and summarizing information, graphs, and presentations; distributing reports.
• Supports sales presentations by assembling quotations, proposals, videos, slide shows, demonstration and product capability booklets; compiling account and competitor analyses.
• Prepares mailers and brochures by formatting content and graphics; arranging printing and internet packages.
• Provides marketing tracking and research information by collecting, analyzing, and summarizing data and trends.
• Basic Administrative skills in Microsoft applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.…)
• Experience in CRM Software packages
• Accomplishes marketing and organization mission by completing related results as needed.
• Writing reports, company brochures and similar documents
• Organizing and hosting Virtual Reality presentations 
• Helping to organize market research

Operations Manager and Assistant
• Knowledge or previous experience in Virtual Reality. Minimum 5 years’ experience required for management position.
• Participate in client proposals and costing
• Coordination and supervision of all client services
• Maintain and grow virtual worlds to accommodate requirements
• Scripting knowledge
• Content management knowledge
• Client project implementations
• Coordinate and manage Client IT Support Desk
• Augmented Reality – eCommerce experience
• Provide administrative support along with clerical tasks that aid the daily business operations of an organization
• Assist with office and employee management.
• Support the Manager in managing and resolving operational issues
• Coordinate with Manger to schedule team meetings and to provide follow-ups
• Update internal operation procedures documents as needed
• Maintain logs and spreadsheets
• Able to follow instructions, learn quickly, data entry skills, computer knowledge and skills, work well within a team environment

Main Focus Areas:

1. Virtual World Production
2. Virtual World maintenance
3. Retail operations - eCommerce

To learn more about our services, please join: 
Linkedin Group: Sponsor A Vet Life 


Mikel J. Burroughs
Colonel (Ret)
Sponsor A Vet Life (SAVL) &
VP of Marketing @Virtual Towns, LLC. D/B/A Virtual World Solutions
Opening the Door to 3D Interactive, Immersive
Virtual Collaboration Solutions
T:  760-994-2055
Skype:  mikel.burroughs
Twitter:  @COLSponsoraVet

Most recent contributors: COL Mikel Burroughs