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LCDR Joshua Gillespie
There are all sort of "nuts"... some on the "Left", and some on the "Right". That being said, there's also an old expression, "Methinks he protests too much".

I don't know much about "Q-Anon" or whatever it is. However, one doesn't need a secret decoder ring to understand just about everything we're seeing and hearing is carefully crafted "theater" aimed at one thing... removing the GOP from power. Me? I think that has nothing whatsoever to do with Donald Trump, and everything to do with (a) passing a universal monthly income, (b) restructuring the U.S. government to align more seamlessly and permanently in a global organization, and (c) forever altering American culture so as to de-legitimize any "competing" ideologies such as religion, traditionalism, etc. I believe most Democratic voters want these things because they have given up on the "American Dream", and want something "different". I'm not sure they ALL really understand who might be pulling their strings, let alone why they're actually doing so.
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