11th Armored Cavalry Regiment, National Training Center

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Find the bastards, then pile on.

The 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment is currently stationed at Fort Irwin, California. The regiment's mission is to train America's combat units to fight and win anywhere in the world.

At Fort Irwin is the National Training Center. Here, combat brigades undergo the most realistic training possible. In scenarios that closely replicate actual combat, these units face off against the Blackhorse in demanding force on force scenarios that stress Soldiers and systems to the utmost.

Continuing a proud tradition of cavalry excellence since 1901, the 11th ACR stands ready to accomplish any mission required of it.

The Blackhorse - America's cavalry regiment.
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Unit history

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Mark Flowers
Troop E, 1985-89
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A few of the great Soldiers that have served in the 11th ACR

Many outstanding troopers have served in the ranks of the Blackhorse. They are far too numerous to name each one individually. Here is just a small representative sampling of the fine cavalry troopers who have worn our patch on their shoulders and in their hearts.

Please note: For our troopers who died while serving with the regiment, we list their rank on the date they were killed. For other notable troopers, we list their last known rank. This roll of honor will always be a work in progress. Please let us know the names and details for other troopers to add to our list.

LTC Harold A. Fritz, Medal of Honor, Troop A, Vietnam, 11 Jan 69.
Cpl Jerry W. Wickam, Troop F, posthumous Medal of Honor, Vietnam, 6 Jan 68.
SFC Rodney J. T. Yano, Air Cavalry Troop, posthumous Medal of Honor, Vietnam, 
6 Jan 69.

SSG, Joseph L. Dewease, 58th Combat Engineer Co, killed in training accident, Germany, 29 Jun 87.
SGT Douglas G. Factora, Troop C, posthumous Distinguished Service Cross, Vietnam, 13 May 1968.
GEN Frederick M. Franks, 50th Colonel 1982-84, (first tour with HHT, 2nd Squadron, Vietnam, 1969-70).
SP4 Alex Gardner, Troop E, killed in training accident, Germany, April 1990.
SSG Richard A. Heaton, Troop I, Soldier's Medal, Vietnam, 26 Jun 70, (second tour with Troop E, 1985-87).
COL Leonard B. Holder, 37th Colonel 1968, killed in action, Vietnam, 21 Mar 68.
MG Robert L. Howze, Provisional Squadron, 11th Cavalry, 5 May 1916, Mexico. As CO of the provisional squadron, then-MAJ Howze led the last mounted charge ny Regular Army cavalry unit.
SP4 Keith Lavoie, 58th Combat Engineer Co, killed in training accident, Germany, 29 Jun 87.
1LT Rodney P. Lukens, Commando Platoon, Silver Star, Germany, 6 Jan 45.
BG Francis Moore, 1st Colonel, 1901-03, Philippine Islands.
CSM Fred H. Morris, 17th Regimental CSM, 2007-2009, (first tour with Troop E from 1985-88).
MG George S. Patton III, 39th Colonel 1968-69, Distinguished Service Cross w/1 Bronze OLC, Vietnam, 5 & 24 Sep 68.
MG Dana J. H. Pittard, Troop E, 1986-88.
SSG Homer L. Pittman, Jr., Troop K, Distinguished Service Cross, Vietnam, 
21 May 67.
SGT Joseph M. Renaldi, 58th CEC, killed in training accident, Germany, 
29 Jun 87.
SSG Walter S. Simpson, Troop K, missing in action (unaccounted), 21 May 67.
PFC Jerry L. Westmoreland, Troop C, killed in training accident, Germany, 29 Jun 87.

26 troopers of the 11th US Cavalry missing, (not recovered) while fighting the Presidio Fire of 1924.

57 troopers of the 11th Cavalry Group killed in action in Europe in 1944-45.

730 troopers of the 11th ACR killed or missing in action in Vietnam and Cambodia from 1966-72.

The troopers of the 11th ACR killed in action during Operation Iraqi Freedom III in 2005-06.

All of our troopers (and there have been many), who died in training accidents during our service across the face of the globe.

25,000 troopers who served in the regiment with honor and distinction in Vietnam from 1966-72.

All of our fine troopers who have served in the Blackhorse since our founding as the 11th United States Cavalry in March of 1901.


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