1SG Mark Flowers

1SG Mark Flowers

Dates of Service: Jun 1979 - May 2001
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  • HN Aug 80
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  • SPC May 85
  • SGT Dec 85
  • SSG Apr 87
  • SFC Dec 95
  • 1SG Jul 99

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I'm an old cavalry trooper who still has an abiding love for the US Army, and profound respect of our Soldiers, Marines, Sailors, and Airmen. Military history – especially the Pacific campaigns of World War II and the Army‘s role in Vietnam – is my abiding passion.

Military Experiences

May 1995 - May 2001
2-162 IN
Infantry senior sergeant (11Z)
I was a rifle company 1SG in a very busy ARNG IBCT. During my time, we deployed to JRTC, I served twice at JRTC as an augmentee O/C, we deployed to northern Japan for exercises with the JGSDF, we fought forest fires in Oregon, and deployed to Kuwait for Southern Watch.
Dec 1991 - May 1995
6th Rec BDE
I was a DA select production recruiter and assistant station commander of a large recruiting station. In 1994, we were the top large station in Southern California Recruiting Battalion. That same year, I was the station commander for four months when our career SC went to ANCOC and station commander course.
Sep 1989 - Oct 1991
1st ID
Sct Plt 4/37 AR, Scout Section Leader
I served in a heavy armor battalion scout platoon at Fort Riley, NTC, and Desert Storm, while assigned to 4/37 Armor. My crew was the first Bradley crew in the Big Red One to shoot a perfect score on Bradley Table VIII.
Aug 1985 - Sep 1989
11th ACR
E 2/11 ACR, Cavalry Scout (19D)
This was my best tour of duty in my career. I joined E Troop as a retread SP4 and left as an experienced SSG and cavalry scout. We were equipped with the M3 CFV and during my years with the Eagles, we started with brand new M3s in 1985, rolled over to the M3IP in 1987, and in 1989 NETTed into the M3A1. During my four years with E Troop, we spent a total of 12 months deployed to the East German border. I am proud and humble to be a Blackhorse Trooper.


(2 years, 2 months)
Dec 1999 - Jul 2000
Operation Southern Watch
Rifle company 1SG for the ARCENT-KU Secfor. We had security platoons attached to the Patriot sites in-theater, and one responsible for the retrans site on Mutlaa ridge. For a couple of months, we made a provisional platoon for security at a site in the northern desert.
Jan 1996 - Mar 1996
Operation North Wind 96 with the JGSDF at the Shikaribetsu Training Area on Hokkaido.
Dec 1990 - May 1991
Operation Desert Shield/Storm
Scout section leader in 2nd Bde, 1st ID (M)
Oct 1983 - Nov 1983
My battalion deployed to Fort Sherman, Panama, for Jungle operations training.

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Jul 1990 - Sep 1990


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Jan 1999

First Sergeant's course

Oct 1991 - Dec 1991

May 1986

BFV Crew Evaluator course

May 1986

BFV UCOFT I/O course

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