Posted on Aug 20, 2015
SPC Saw Gunner
I recently inquired about a conditional release from NG to enlist active duty. My active duty advisor assures that it is possible. But my NG readiness NCO says that it is impossible to do.
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SPC I.T Services Level 2 Technician
Greetings thank you for taking your time to read my question. I am currently an E3 and am part of the Florida National Guard. My MOS is 91B diesel mechanic and I joined the guard 11/20/2012. I am trying to get all the info that I can find on transferring to active duty. I am more than willing to reclass to a different MOS to do so. I am still pretty new and don't quite understand the prior service rules completely. I was wondering if there are any active duty recruiters from Florida that can shine a light on the subject.

Thank you very much for your attention.

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