Posted on Nov 16, 2015
SSG Warren Swan
Rally Point, it's been a very long weekend with the events that have been going on over the last 10 days. With many of the discussions focusing on that, there isn't much room to decompress, so being I'm a Jeff Foxworthy fan, instead of "You know you're Redneck if...Let's do "You know you're a Veteran if..... I'm posting these memes of mine to get it going. But to add to them..You know you're a veteran if:

1. Your credit score is higher than your first paycheck as a private
2. You laugh when you hear troops talking about how broke they are, but have money for beer.
3. You smiled when told the forecast for rain, just to show up to PT formation and it's dry...UNTIL you start doing PT...
4. Your favorite brand of liquor was called "whatever someone else bought"...meaning it was free.
5. You remember laughing at troops who thought 29% APR was good...
6. Your version of giving directions to get somewhere near Ft. Bragg uses strip clubs, tattoo parlors, and used car dealerships as reference points...
7. You were told by your PSG that Top wanted to see you in his office. The current temp outside his office is a nice 72 degrees....the moment you go in, it's 172 degrees and rising, and when you crawl out, it's below zero being you just got done sweating half your body weight.
8. You're scared to walk on your own grass at home, so you hire someone to do it.
9. You are no longer active military, but still know where your PT belt is
10. You can look at all the meds you take in one hand, but the total count is more than you have fingers, toes, and limbs.
11. You're in PT formation and all the NCO's line up in the first rank to call cadence, and EVERY one of them can only know...C130 rolling down the strip.....

AND GO.......
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