MSgt Kurt S.
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MSgt Kurt S.

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  • Pvt Oct 84
  • PFC Jan 85
  • LCpl Aug 85
  • Cpl Apr 86
  • Sgt Apr 89
  • SSgt Aug 97
  • GySgt Sep 00
  • MSgt Sep 10

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Husband of a fantastic wife, father of four great children, Marine, follower, leader, analyst, teacher, IT tech, SatCom Bubba, Network Engineer, Systems Engineer, Police Officer, Snooper, Manager, responsible tax payer and Conservative Constitutional follower. Wood working master, carpenter and now apparently automotive four wheel drive drive tran repair person.

Military Experiences

Apr 1985 - Aug 1989
A Battery
Wire Chief
Took over a shop that was a disaster of pencil whipped record jackets and faulty equipment. Took 5 years and a lot of long days into the night to get it right. Left the shop in a better place then when I found it.

Military Credentials

Foreign Language Skills

German (1/1)

Security Clearance
Top Secret/SCI or higher

Civilian Experiences

Head Ball Bearing Washer
Service Manager
Working for Uncle Sam, snooping and pooping about. Looking at things and listening to your two way "Phone" (Radio) conversations over there...

Personal Information

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