MSgt Kurt Stover
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MSgt Kurt Stover

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  • Pvt Oct 84
  • PFC Jan 85
  • LCpl Aug 85
  • Cpl Apr 86
  • Sgt Apr 89
  • SSgt Aug 97
  • GySgt Sep 00
  • MSgt Sep 10

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Professional Summary 

Marine, follower, leader, analyst, teacher, IT tech, SatCom Bubba, Network Engineer, Systems Engineer, Police Officer, Snooper. Manager and responsible tax payer.

Military Experiences

Apr 1985 - Aug 1989
A Battery
Wire Chief
Took over a shop that was a disaster of pencil whipped record jackets and faulty equipment. Took 5 years and a lot of long days into the night to get it right. Left the shop in a better place then when I found it.

Civilian Experiences

Service Manager
Working for Uncle Sam, snooping and pooping about. Looking at things and listening to your two way "Phone" (Radio) conversations over there...

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