Capt Christopher Mueller
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Capt Christopher Mueller

Dates of Service: Sep 1989 - Sep 2011
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  • AB
  • Amn Oct 89
  • A1C Apr 90
  • SrA Aug 92
  • SSgt Jun 99
  • 2d Lt May 02
  • 1st Lt May 04
  • Capt May 06
Commissioning Source:  OTS, May 2002

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Highly-motivated and resourceful management professional with a lengthy record of developing and supporting successful IT projects and contracts with over 20+ years of combined military, government, and corporate experience both domestic and on international levels. Ability to facilitate effective communications. Constantly seeking new challenges, able to manage tasks in high pressure situations

Military Experiences

Jan 2011 - Jul 2011
375 CS
Commander, Cyber Support Flight
Lead 135 person department maintaining 24/7 communication systems and infrastructure support to an excess of 14,000 users. Die reacted the preparation and management of budget estimates and financial plans based on operational requirements and resources. Accountable for over $150M budget for networks and info technology support. Directed the evolution of tech and non-tech solutions from concept through implementation, managing customer needs, terms, and projects/programs. Proficient in all stages of system development life cycle and encapsulates excellent organizational, analytical, and leadership skills.
Feb 2009 - Feb 2010
Senior Mentor / Contract Management
• $3.5 Billion in cumulative budgetary projects & responsibility. • 22 years of contract / cost controls experience. • 15 years specific, construction / acquisition contracts. • Extensive experience designing and managing multiple simultaneous multi-million dollar construction/ engineering projects. • 15 years working in austere remote locations around the world. • 10 years of designing and auditing project risk analysis reports, for projects in excess of 1 Billion dollars • Designed and implemented strategic budgeting and planning matrixes. • Developed streamlined approach for cost coding construction projects, which monitored Earned Value Analysis EVA (daily profit margins of projects). • Developed standard operational manual on fiscal accountability utilizing Project Management tools
Aug 2006 - Feb 2009
Test Systems Support Branch Chief
• Led 10 person team and assigned / monitored tasks to develop policies, procedures, implementation schedules and facilitated meetings with project core team, managers and executives, and customer/business to communicate progress of each project. • Provided critical Development, Test and Evaluation resources for over 120 logistics, finance, maintenance, network operations, and, security of automated Information Systems. • Analyzed and resolved interrelated software, data, and infrastructure test issues. • Utilized existing $3,000,000 commercial off the shelf software as a pilot project fulfilling a critical void in tracking $3,000,000,000 in Automated Information Systems in the Development, Test and Evaluation program with fully developed requirements and tracking milestones.
Dec 2006 - May 2007
Security Liason Officer (Personal Security Coordination Center)
LNO to Vice Present Hashimi coordinating all of his movements within the country of Iraq and abroad working directly with his Chief of Security and entire VP Staff. Monitoring the local movement as well with the technology presented and the complete coordination of the US and International forces as well as contracted security. Traveled to various locations within the local area throughout the city to ensure his safety and his team's safety as well. A massive effort for a 5-6 month deployment and mission accomplished with a bonus to spend time with the VP of Iraq and speak to some of Iraq other leaders as well was well worth this deployment.


(4 years, 2 months)
Feb 2009 - Feb 2010
Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) - Afghanistan
Served as the Communication Acquisition and Contract Management Officer for all Infrastructure for CJ6/CSTC-A Camp Eggers Kabul. Also served as a Mentor for MOD Print Plant and G-6 leadership.
Dec 2005 - May 2006
Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF)
Served as Liaison Officer for VP Hashimi in Baghdad, with Personnel Security Coordination Center.
Jan 2004 - Aug 2004
Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF)
Support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, to stand up the EOC and run the robust unit out of the Network Operations Center in preparation for "Shock and Awe". Al ran convoys with the Redtail Express. Deployed with TDC package for communications. Location, Al Jaber, Kuwait AB.
Jan 1996 - Apr 1996
Prime BEEF deployment for Nuevos Horizontes, JTF Bravo 1996, built the forward deployed camp for US Army humanitarian missions.

Civilian Experiences

Oct 2017 - Present
IT Project Manager
The IT Project Manager is a position used by various agencies throughout the state. This is administrative and technical project management work. Employees in this class are responsible for major project development and management in large agencies or enterprise-level projects that span multiple agencies. Work includes serving as a liaison between upper management and project teams, scheduling projects and assignments, developing timelines and managing resources and budgeting for projects.
May 2017 - Sep 2017
Senior Project Manager
Plans, manages, and monitors projects from concept through implementation for projects. Acts as primary project contact to establish key stakeholder requirements and project objectives. Establishes project management processes and methodologies to deliver on time. Meets with internal customers of an assigned projects and reports and gather project-related feedback. Responsible for handling multiple projects simultaneously. Prepares preliminary and end result costing analysis for project teams and Leadership. Develops options and recommendations to drive critical decisions Tracks costs and performance and required metrics to ensure project goals/objectives are met. Serves as a resource/mentor to project managers/ project leaders to assist with implementing management processes.
Nov 2015 - Feb 2017
Project Manager
Serves as Information Technology Specialist for the Regional Medical Command (RMC), subordinate Medical Treatment Facilities (MTFs), and Army Health Care Clinics (AHC). Manages an area of specialized, highly technical, projects for the RMC with complete responsibility for the successful management of these projects from their inception through implementation. Carries out a variety of system analysis, planning and programming assignments independently, working in conjunction with other professionals. Develops system concept proposals for information systems development, including analyzing cost effectiveness with respect to present and alternate automated methods. Review system configurations and related clinical processes and advice on modification to improve efficiency and effectiveness.
Apr 2015 - Nov 2015
Senior Project Manager
Responsible to ensuring program requirements and responsibilities are being accomplished including the implementation of program techniques to provide visibility on the DFTS contract. Additional responsibilities will include developing budgets and schedules to meet project requirements for an assigned portion, participating in and establishing and defining plan requirements, to include monitoring and reporting the performance against plans to ensure contractual cost, and scheduled objectives are met. This would also include the development of program products such as the website, user guides, and training. Also being a critical integration showing the linkages between the budget, engineering, and contracting with the program schedule.