CPT Johnny Simmons

CPT Johnny Simmons

Dates of Service: Feb 1992 - Mar 2015
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  • PFC Oct 93
  • SPC Aug 94
  • SGT Jun 96
  • SSG Nov 06
  • 2LT Dec 08
  • 1LT Aug 09
  • CPT Apr 12
Commissioning Source:  OCS, Dec 2008

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(2 years, 3 months)
Feb 2003 - Jan 2004
Iraq ribbon
Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF)
Deployed with the B-Co 1/147th AVN BN WITNG attached to the 75th Artillary and ARCENT as a UH-60A Black Hawk mechanic/crew-chief. Credited with 120 combat flt hrs in support of Troop Transport, Re-supply, Convoy Security, VIP, Command and Control, WMD Search and Recover, and SF Support.
Jul 2001 - Feb 2002
Operation Desert Spring (ODS)
Operation Desert Spring is part of an on-going operation in Kuwait. Its mission is to maintain a forward presence and provide control and force protection over Army forces in Kuwait. Deployed with C-Co 1/14th AVN BN WIARNG attaining 60+ flt hrs. Performed Command and Control, VIP, Troop transport and resupply, Sling Load, Para-drops, and SF support
Jan 1995 - Apr 1995
Operation Uphold Democracy (Haiti)
Operation Uphold Democracy mission was to remove the military regime and restore democratic government in Haiti. Deployed with B-Co 4/25th AVN BN as a chief on UH- 60A Black Hawk. Accumulated 75flt hrs in support of PSYOPS, firebucket, air-assults, and QRF missions. Maintained a readiness rate of 85% for assigned aircraft.
Nov 1993 - Jan 1994
JTF-FA Cambodia
The mission of the Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command was to achieve the fullest possible accounting of all Americans missing as a result of the nation's past conflicts. Deployed with B-Co 4/25th AVN BN as a chief on UH- 60A Black Hawk with 50 hrs of flight time. Maintained a 82% readiness rate during deployment for my assigned aircraft.

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Aug 2006 - Sep 2006

Advanced Leaders Course (ALC formerly BNCOC) Phase 2

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Mar 2009 - May 2009

25A Signal

Feb 1994 - Apr 1994

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