PO2 Fred Dunn

PO2 Fred Dunn

Dates of Service: Feb 1969 - Feb 1973
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Enlisted Dec 10, 1968 Entered active duty Feb 16, 1969 Boot Camp Great Lakes DK “A” School Newport RI USS Lexington Boston Relocated to Homeport Pensacola Served Lady Lex 2 Years Trans to NAS Atlanta Sep 1971 Discharged Feb 1973 Immediate Hire as Civil Service. Served as Disbursing Officer, Accounting Officer, Budget Officer, Chief Financial Manager, BRAC Contractor until Feb 2009.

Military Experiences

Feb 1969 - Feb 1973
USS Lexington (CV-16)
Disbursing Clerk
My entire career was with Navy from age 19 until age 60. I was never employed in the private sector. Navy was my entire life. I began at: Boot Camp Great Lakes Feb 1969, DK A School Newport, RI, Lady Lex in drydock at Boston Naval Shipyard, then to homeport in Pensacola. Trans to NAS Atlanta Sep 1971 from USS Lexington, NAS Pensacola. Navy civilian after discharge in Feb 1973. Retired as Chief Financial Manager. Worked for Chief of Naval Reserve then, at the end of my career, for Admiral Brown, NAS Jax. Retired in 2004. All Navy from 1969 to 2004. Then as a contractor for BRAC to close NAS Atlanta until 2009. Four years in uniform during Nam then the rest as Disbursing Officer, Accounting Officer, Budget Officer, CFO, Contractor, all at NAS Atlanta. Still living in Woodstock, Georgia.


(2 months)
Jul 1970 - Aug 1970
Guantanamo Bay, Cuba
Not really a deployment. Carrier quals USS Lexington.

Military Credentials

Professional Development Schools

Apr 1969 - Jun 1969

DK “A” School

Individual & Special Skill Schools

Apr 1969 - Jun 1969

DK “A” School

Foreign Language Skills


Midwestern English (5/5)

Security Clearance

Academic Degrees

Academic Degrees

1963 - 1967

Rosedale High School Indiana

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