COL Jeffrey Carra

COL Jeffrey Carra

Dates of Service: May 1982 - Oct 2013
85% Complete
10 Endorsements
191 Contacts
Influence Score: 21,548
2,574 out of 822,957 Veterans
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  • 2LT May 82
  • 1LT Nov 83
  • CPT Dec 85
  • MAJ May 94
  • LTC Jan 01
  • COL Feb 05
Commissioning Source:  ROTC, May 1982

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Roll up your sleeves and get into the details supply chain expertise informed by international commercial and transport law practice. Accomplished international and domestic billion-dollar portfolio manager. As an investor, our mission is to buy, sell, rent, and manage property in the area for profit, using a team of local real estate professionals & institutions.