MSgt Ronald Stacy

MSgt Ronald Stacy

Dates of Service: Nov 1991 - Nov 2011
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  • AB Nov 91
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  • SrA Aug 94
  • SSgt Sep 98
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Did my time with no regrets. Grateful for the people I met, places I was able to go, and adventures I was able to have Just a retired military guy trying to make my way in the world. Don't expect anymore out of anything than I put into it. Goal is find and keep a job that makes up the difference between retirement and AD pay and ride it out till full retirement age. No more recalls, no more late night first sergeant calls, finally being able to worry about my wife, my kids, and myself......don't think i'm asking for much....just hope I can pull it off.

Military Experiences

Jul 2007 - Dec 2011
MDOS Superintendent
- Assisted with management of 137-member unit, executed $2.3M medical equipment and $5M annual operating budgets, reviewed and edited annual performance reports, and managed recognition program. - Advised local military and civil leadership on Ambulance Operations, oversaw $175K vehicle fleet, ensured 24/7 emergency response capabilities for base cantonment area and local community, and provided $1.6 M in emergency medical care and transport services. - Oversaw 31 member Primary Care Clinic support staff ensuring adequate coverage for 10 family health care provider teams and 5 specialty care provider teams supporting 16K beneficiaries delivering 8.2K patient visits and $665K in medical care per month. - Lead Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) on Wing Exercise Evaluation Team, developed a
Feb 2006 - Jun 2007
Senior Medical Technician
- Site manager for Forward Operating Base Jalalabad supervised and coordinated activities of 28 man local national support staff performing duties for base Dining Facility, Janitorial Services, Facility and Grounds Maintenance, Waste Disposal, and Laundry Services to 81 permanent residents with capabilities to support up to 500 personnel during surge activities. - Senior Medical Technician, worked with Physician Assistant and the Minister of Health for Nangahar Provence. Served as primary medical logistics officer and staff member for Medical Assistance Civilian Action Programs (MedCaps) and Veterinary Civic Action Programs (VetCaps). - Field Sanitation Team Leader conducted daily Dining Facility inspections, instructed Food Handlers Course, monitored food service lines during operatio
May 2000 - Feb 2006
NCOIC Primary Care/Pediatric Clinic
- Provided administrative oversight for Pediatric, Specialty, Youth Clinic, and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit managed supporting 15 staff physicians, 12 resident providers, and 19 medical technicians. - Coordinated allocation, maintenance, and sustainment of $199K in medical equipment and $142K in medical and administrative supplies. - Served as Patient Advocate and Customer Relations Monitor. Mitigated customer complaints, coordinated patient follow-up and coordinated patient referral programs. - Researched and coordinated purchasing of $133K in medical equipment, personally oversaw movement of Fetal Monitoring Systems saving $10K in contracting expenses, and trained 15 staff members on new operating procedures. Project completed two weeks ahead of projected timeline. - Authored 8 Readin


(1 year, 3 months)
Feb 2006 - Mar 2006
Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) - Afghanistan
PRT Jalalabad with Army Civil Affairs team...
Jan 2005 - May 2005
Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF)
Back to Kirkuk cause first time was so much fun....least this time there was perimeter fence up.
Mar 2003 - Jul 2003
Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF)
EMEDS Kirkuk, Instructed EMT for local nationals, EOD Medical name just a few things.
Sep 2001 - Nov 2001
SF Augmentee KCIA

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