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Posted on Dec 12, 2018
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TBH, there's still going to be a lot of skepticism because of what the VA has been in the past. I guess the main question would be, how will you quantify success? The VA has continually been a disappointment in its ability to do its job in a quick and efficient manner, if they can do their job at all. Maybe it's just the cynic in me, but we've been told by the government so many times about improvements coming to the VA, and each time, they largely disappoint.
Michael Compeau
Michael Compeau
4 mo
It's not only cynical, it is now objectively wrong. Recent study published in the peer reviewed Journal of the American Medical Association shows that Wait times at VA facilities are on a whole currently far below what the private sector endures, AND they are lower than in 2014 during the reported 'wait time crisis'.
Additionally, a November study (I'll go look for the reference) cited that quality of care in VA facilities was HIGHER in terms of actual measurable outcomes, than in private sector facilities in regional comparisons.
So, there's that.
Now, these stats are all related to the Veterans Health Administration. The VBA, where they do review of claims and determination of service connection determinations is another issue -- I don't know their statistics.
But I think it's wrong to judge the entire VA by snafus in, say, Colorado, just as I believe its wrong to judge the Army by Abu Ghraib...
TSgt James Warfield
TSgt James Warfield
26 d
Michael Compeau - would like to know who did this survey, because this is not what I have experienced when I compare my care through the Civilan world and the VA. My waith times are much longer. The half of the support staff show now type of customer service or the desire to want to. I have waited 5 months at one time just to get my hearing aids adjusted and fixed. What would been a few days in the civilian medical care. Sorry it seems the are hiring more doctors where English is second language so it's hard to covey problems or needs.
To be honest with time I came in contact with a VA Hospital in Birmingham Ala, I made my family promise they would never take me to VA Hospital again. I have a very close friend who has suffered what in the medical world would have been considered male practice.
Now with all that said, The local VA Clinic, not a hospital that I go to is new, it's beautiful and treatment is good, when they can see you. However support staff, well they aren't forth coming with helpful. They don't seem to like questions to asked. I get the feeling from some that they are doing me a favorable. Sorry to say this, but it sees true, however to fair, that seems to be with almost all government agencies that are suppose to be their to support the citizen.
1SG Eddie Smith
1SG Eddie Smith
25 d
Michael Compeau - Well said, Michael Compeau.

Can Veterans encounter problems in the VA system, of course, experiences will vary, and often times depends on the Veterans unique service factors.

There are approximately 22 million Veterans in the U.S., approximately 9 million Veterans enrolled in VA Health Care. Veterans need to be part of the solution and not part of the problem. Example: Convince someone to get their medical degree and go to work for VA health care helping Veterans, and good luck with that.

I know numerous Veterans rated at 100% disabled, some that I WORK with, that has the ability to help Veterans and many are doing just that.

Has any Veteran or Servicemember anything to say about the Military Health Care system? TRI-Care? Go back a few issues ago and look for an article in the ARMY TIMES regarding personal experiences of two female Servicemembers. Is their experience the health care experience of all Servicemembers?

Experience TOXIC leadership/people in the military? Think that is unique to military service?

Critics! Complainers! How many actual Veterans have you talked with and ask about their experiences with VA? How many seriously injured and disabled Veterans have you talked with? Do your own poll! Have you contacted the Wounded Warrior Project? VFW, DAV, American Legion, your state department of Veteran Services other Veteran service organizations; everyone wants to help a Vet, right! Have you looked into the choice act, which is now permanent law and called the FREEDOM ACT and has improved dramatically, from when the "Choice Act" was first rolled out a couple of years ago.

What about MEDICARE? Think that medical system is great?

Do Veterans, lawyers, VA employees, and others try to exploit the VA in fraudulent ways for personal financial gain? Think of the impact that has had on Veterans access to benefits and VA.

Do Veterans apply for benefits they are not even eligible for? And then complain about it when it is denied.

What about politicians? Your elected officials are the ones who make policy and laws for Veteran Benefits and Services, U.S. Code Title 38, VA administers these laws regarding benefits and services.

Yep! there's plenty to be cynical about.

Veterans should consider VA issues in a holistic manner; it's much bigger than I. If you were or even were not a leader in the military be a leader for Veterans, be part of a solution. Out of the ~22 million Veteran population at least 1/3rd could make a meaningful difference in outcomes of Veterans experiences at VA and quality of life for Veterans.

Think Veterans helping Veterans!
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8 d
I have heard a lot of stories about the VA, mostly bad ones because there is no media for good VA stories. There is a serious misconception about "The VA" because it's not one place, but a lot of places many of which are different in many ways due to the needs of the community, previously and now. "If you have seen one VA, then you have seen one VA."

But they don't budget it that way.

I hear a lot about the wait times, but I have some serious questions about that. IN the past, after the Pheonix AZ nightmare, the "Choice" program mandated that anything over 30 days and they had to be offered Community Care. The only way the appointments could be set further out is if the Veteran decided not to be sent out to the community.

Let me say that again. "If there is no appointment available in 30 days, they offer community care."

I point that out because when I hear a Vet say they waited MONTHS, they are either there by choice, out of ignorance, or some special case, or just full of crap.

Currently, Trump signed the Mission Act, which makes the same offer if there is greater than 20 days of wait, which is rolling out right now. This could lead to LESS VA doctors and availability because like everything else, its a "Use or Lose" situation when it comes to funding and if it is all going out to the community the VA doesn't get it. This is great for some Vets, but make no mistake they will cost more money.

Eventually, someone will realize it is being used for booboo's and sniffles, because that is what people do, and demand a co-pay, then a deductible, then, just privatize the whole deal, and you end up in the healthcare nightmare just like everyone else.

As far as Costumer Service goes, most of the staff are Veterans or Veteran Family members. I have seen some poor C/s, just like everywhere. I do not believe I have seen a patient base quiet as... Well, I heard a 30 year old vet screaming at a Korean War vet Volunteer about his, "Not understanding soldiers." I am proud of my Brothers and Sisters in arms, but some of you all are jerks.

So, no the service isn't perfect, but none of it is, an none of it has as much oversight as the VA Healthcare system. They are understaffed, they are under funded, and they are still coming out with some amazing discoveries, and programs, and serving more people than you would believe.

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